Olushola Afolayan
Head, Finance and Accounts

“If Your Mind Can Conceive It, And Your Heart Can Believe It - Then You Can Achieve It.” - Muhammad Ali.

Goals and dreams serve as guiding lights upon the horizons for which Shola centres his focus. Shola has a clear history of setting out to do something, giving everything to it and accomplishing it. He understands that everyday is a chance to get closer to his goal and that mastery requires daily practice, high determination, steady focus and consistency of purpose.

He holds a Masters Degree in Finance and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria (ICAN). He is a Certified International Financial Reporting Specialist (CIFRS) from International Academy of Business and Financial management, London and is an Associate member of the Institute of cost and Management Accountants (ACMA).

Shola has headed Finance and admin teams for reputable brands like Preston Healthcare foundation, MSI Nigeria and ARM Pension Managers. He was also a Senior Consultant with KPMG Audit with assignments like audit and assurance of the CBN, PENCOM and NNPC.

Shola’s heart leaps like a butterfly. He loves jokes and he gets most of his inspiration from play. He draws productivity and thrives in an effervescent environment fueled by relaxed jokes and laughter. Bringing joy to the lives of others, laughter and cheer to their faces is his undisclosed motto. Shola is also given to social and developmental services, and believes that technocracy will be key to solving Africa’s leadership, economic and institutional challenges.

Shola is problem solving in his approach. He embraces difficulty and takes calculated risks, as a way to grow, learn from mistakes and gain experience, implementing ‘out-of-the-box’ innovative approaches and strategies that bring the best results.

He is passionate about building lasting organizations whose legacies would transcend him. He loves himself a good movie; Africa Magic Yoruba being his go-to default, travelling by road and having his hand on wheels of different automobiles.