Adeleye Orekoya
Head, Human Resources and Administration

“It Always Seems Impossible Until It's Done” - Nelson Mandela

People, Heart, Creating a human connection! Those words tick it off for Adeleye. She is excellent at giving meaning to the clutter that happens in the lives of people around her, she reads souls, balances a cast of personalities, speaks different emotional and professional languages, and strategically places people where they can be the most effective. She wears resourcefulness like perfume and gets creative with people's problems with a bid to solving it sustainably.

Adeleye never confuses motion with results. Her ability to create the largest ripples with the smallest drops is the most endearing thing about her personality and work ethic. She is trustworthy and optimistic, always thinking of a way to add value and impact positively. She has mastered the art of navigating politics, cutting through the confusion and possesses street smarts. Adeleye openly identifies as an introvert, but her colleagues, friends, and family think this is debatable.

With a drive for leaving people better than she met them, Adeleye has led a number of Human Resources and Administration teams. Her passion for creating better people has made her acquire world-class knowledge and inculcated global best practices in people management and administration. She is an Associate member Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (ACIPM), The Chartered Institute of Bankers, Nigeria (CIBN) as well as the Chartered Institute of Administrators (ACIA).

She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from the University of Wales, United Kingdom and is a graduate of Estate Management. She has attended the Lagos Business School on Managing People for Strategic Advantage and capped it with a master’s degree in Human Resources Management and Development at the University of Salford, UK.