Godwin Michaels
Head Of Engineering

“Never Confuse Activity With Accomplishment.” - John Wooden.

Persistence! That keyword that stands at the core of GMikes as he is fondly called. For him, Innovation is more than just great ideas. It is blind faith in the journey, hard work and a laser-sharp focus at the long terms vision. New Ideas that propel overall business advantage spurs him. He is an avid risk-taker open to making mistakes, finding patterns and connecting dots, testing, experimenting and staying the course to implement incremental changes that drive exponential growth.

Godwin holds a Bachelor of Engineering (honors) degree in Computer Engineering, a Post Graduate Diploma in Information Systems Management and is currently undergoing an MBA in International Business. He kicked off his career with Schlumberger Network Infrastructure Solution (OMNES) as a Satellite Communications Engineer and a Service Delivery Analyst and has honed his craft with over 13 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. When he puts on his cape, his superhero abilities include project management, technical and business analysis, customer relationship management, business process management, and IT Infrastructure solution development.

His experiences cut across the Design of WAN and METRO Fiber networks, Campus/MAN, SDH, EoPDH, LAN, Enterprise/Service provider Networks, Datacenter Design, Unified communication design, Network security design, Vendor management, and Negotiations. Gmikes possesses a number of significant technical certifications and training from Cisco, AT&T, HP, Intel Systems and the Lagos Business School. He is also a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Godwin is passionate about helping people succeed. His love for keeping things simple is so easily showcased with his problem-solving approach. He loves to kick in the fun and raise the bar for himself in knowledge and excellence. He loves Football. Visiting new places is how he channels his curious and adventurous spirit. He refuels with beautiful TV shows like; Seconds to disaster, Aircrash Investigations, and Hardest Fixes. Growing up, he wanted to be a doctor. Now an engineer, I guess you can take away from GMikes the innate call to put things together in whatever form they present themselves.