Shatse Kakwagh
Executive Director, Strategy & Business Development

“Champions Keep Playing Until They Get It Right”. - Billie Jean King

Consistency and persistence have paved the roads on the journey for Shatse. He understands that winning isn’t easy, so is making your mark in the world: It takes patience, commitment, and comes with plenty of failures along the way. You go on, set one foot in front of the other, drowning the noise of impossibilities. The real test for Shatse is not to avoid failure or let it harden you into in-action, but to learn from it, arm yourself with the lessons and build from thereon.

He recently served as the Co-Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer for the MODE Group of Companies, driving the company’s operations in 25 countries. His cross-functional management experience is one of many capes he wears. Before this time, he led operations and strategic direction for Internet Solutions Nigeria. As Chief Operations Officer, he drove Product Management, Engineering and Service Efficiency plus delivery for the brand. Before that, Shatse was the Country Manager for Ericsson, Chad where he served as the Chief Operating Officer, managing the telecom operations of Airtel Niger and Chad.

Shatse constantly probes the world around him; he believes in constantly evolving old answers for new questions. His love for finding answers in obvious unexplored places is a superpower many can attest to. He is deeply connected to the community and change. For him, when we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way. Being a recipient of random kindness, giving is how he pays it forward and channels his love for humanity and the world around him. He seeks an equitable world for all and aspires to leave a legacy of community change projects that inspires communities towards self-sustainability.

When Shatse takes off his suit, you can find him reading, taking walks and some other times, catching a game of football; his favorite teams being Arsenal. The world and its implications for business keeps him ticking, so when he gets his hands on the TV remote, best believe he is on Bloomberg or CNN. He gives his 100 for family and is happily married with 3 Children.