Ifeoma Peggy Ejiofor
Company Secretary /Legal Adviser

“A Man Is But A Product Of His Thoughts. What He Thinks He Becomes” - Mahatma Gandhi

Ifeoma or Peggy as she is fondly called is driven by the connectedness of people, is in touch with the feelings of others and proliferating social good from her little corner, optimistic about the ripples it causes for our collective humanity.

“Lawyer” she’d confidently say when asked what she wanted to become in the future and she indeed stayed true to her words. She has a Law degree from Abia State University and was called to bar at the Nigeria Law School, Abuja (BL). She moved on to acquire a Master’s degree in International Business Law from University of Hull, East Yorkshire, UK. She is a member of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) and a member of the Nigeria British Association (NBA).

Ifeoma is enthusiastic and results driven, understanding that her work is an expression of her love for life. She is constantly innovating, retooling processes for improved performance and learning new methods. Connecting with like minded people committed to their goals and aspiration gives her a spark. Ifeoma is a stickler for order, neatness and proper process and this is displayed in her work delivery, she has a tab on everything and nothing ever goes out of place.

Bricks upon another, that’s how Ifeoma’s journey has evolved. She started her career in the UK as a Project Administrator at SMSR. She then moved to Comet Plc, UK as an Admin/Sales Support.
She was a Corporate Executive Attorney at Tsedaqah Attorneys, Abuja. A great stride in her career was her role as Company Secretary at Tricontinental Oil Services Ltd where she had an outstanding record of accomplishment of customer service, planning skills, an eye for detail, effective communication, integrity and independence, solid judgment, and commitment.

Ifeoma is the definition of eagle eyed. Her critical thinking skills coupled with organizational knowledge and interpersonal skills makes her the perfect people person. When caught off guard, Ifeoma is hospitable; she is constantly reaching more people through humanitarian work and orphanage visits, which she does on her birthdays. When she is not cooking, she is eating or catching an episode of Empire or Suits. She loves to live free at heart, music and dancing is how she expresses that love. She has the unticked aspiration of becoming the UN Secretary General and is not stopping for any reason.