Stephen Agogo
Strategic Business Development Manager

“Be The Change That You Wish To See In The World.” - Mahatma Gandhi.

Consumers are defining their own rules of engagement and we would be stuck in the past if we think the old rules still apply. Understanding markets, people, why do what we do, why we buy what we buy, patterns, trends; the whole spectrum is what excites Stephen.

Stephen holds a Masters in Managerial Psychology (MMP) from University of Ibadan and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. He kicked off his career journey as a Specialist, Corporate Sales in Zain Nigeria (Now Airtel Nigeria). He then moved on to the Financial Services sector and worked in a number of banks, Finbank and Bank PHB topping the list. Stephen was also the Key Account Director at ATC Nigeria Wireless Infrastructure.

Stephen remembers being reserved in his outlook, but over the years has groomed adventure into his DNA. This has in fact distilled into every facet of his life; career, personal aspirations, family, the whole spectrum. Like putting on a black suit to a white party, Stephen stands out peculiarly. He has and for as early as he can remember, been regularly selected over peers to service large-scale, top-generating corporate accounts in recognition of his outstanding customer service and relationship management talents.
Stephen is well versed in the world of sales and Business Development. From prospecting new clients and developing markets to analyzing account activities, coaching and managing teams. Call it an obsession, but Stephen is a stickler for spotting opportunities, he never misses a chance to. A major stride in his career was his Senior Account Manager role at Helios Towers Nigeria.

Humanity stands at the intersection of all the things that matter to Stephen, his votive is to give back, help his deprived community in ways that are sustainable and tangible. Stephen lets his hair down with an inebriating game of soccer by his favorite premiership club side; Manchester United or an episode of Crime Scene Investigation. Visiting new places is how he engages his adventurous spirit. In fact, trying on new things like almost drowning at his first swimming lesson and trusting his guts not to, is how he gets the adrenaline coursing through him.