Edward Banjo
Manager, Network and Systems Integration

“Constraints Drive Innovation, One Of The Only Ways To Get Out Of A Tight Box Is To Invent Your Way Out.” - Jeff Bezos.

Test, Learn, and Iterate, Repeat. Edward thinks differently and embraces the idea that challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries is the true driver of growth. He is dynamic and understands that innovation never happens in a vacuum, this makes him value, build and sustain valuable teams and assets. Collaboration and diversity of perspective fuels his work. His avid ability to re-imagine things and the world around him gets the best of him.

Edward isn’t your conventional geek, his technology enthusiasm is the reason he has gathered over 15 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Communication and Electronic Engineering from the Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

He kicked off his career at Viaoni Group as a line support engineer, and in the course of his career gleaned exposure and global best practices from leading OEMs and technologies. His big dream is to ignite the necessary spark to boost technology knowledge in Nigeria’s educational sector, he believes that the growth of the tech ecosystem will not happen in leaps, we need to make the necessary sacrifices that would create tomorrow’s tech superstars and visionary startups.

He loves kayaking and spending time in coffee shops, he is a huge fan of the Simpsons and the Game of Thrones, his best characters being. To be the Governor of Lagos State or minister of Science and Technology is his long-term ambition, I mean who wouldn’t want him in elected office? His record of accomplishment speaks for itself; his experience and journey is a walking manifesto.