Bitnami now available on Layer3Cloud!

We are happy to announce that Layer3Cloud has integrated Bitnami Application Catalog to Layer3Cloud users.

Bitnami catalog is a rich collection of installers or software packages for web applications and solution stacks as well as virtual appliances, simplifying application delivery in cloud environments.

Automation is the key driver for cloud adoption. It allows organizations and application developers to replace manual and outdated deployment processes, with programmatic solutions that encapsulate best-practices and can be easily re-used across projects and organizational boundaries.

With Bitnami, you can easily deploy application packages in virtual machines on Layer3Cloud and in the most optimal format. Bitnami delivers a curated marketplace to our customers that offers a rich set of applications and development environments in addition to infrastructure software.

Over 130 popular software packages in a variety of formats, such as Docker containers or virtual machines, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Tomcat, MongoDB, PostgreSQL HA, ASP.NET and a lot more.

Cloud computing and containerization technologies are here to stay and are having a profound impact in how organizations build, deploy, and manage their applications.

At Layer3Cloud, we understand that organizations are on the lookout for easy and fast ways to deploy packaged applications and Bitnami takes the complexity out of this process. Bitnami can easily be accessed from Layer3Cloud’s portal.

The benefits of automation are often accompanied by additional complexity in other aspects of application delivery that are not addressed by existing tools, designed for a previous era. As a result, IT organizations face an increase in the number of platforms and technology stacks that they need to support while simultaneously being expected to reduce cost and delivery times.

This new feature provides platform-agnostic solutions for these challenges that are loved by developers and trusted by operation teams. This is done by providing a popular catalog of applications and infrastructure components that are optimized for each platform that Bitnami supports.

For more information about Bitnami, please send a mail to or visit our website