Layer3 Provides NCDC With Free Bandwidth Upgrade to Support Fight Against COVID-19

Layer3 has upgraded the internet bandwidth to the headquarters of the Nigeria Center for Disease Control, NCDC. It says the move is aimed at raising the agency’s communication and response capacities, as it battles the current coronavirus pandemic.

The upgrade, which involved doubling the internet bandwidth to the agency from 20Mbps to 40Mbps, has been provided free of charge. According to Oyaje Idoko, The Chief Executive Officer, “the cost-free support is part of its contribution to the ongoing fight against COVID-19 in the country

The NCDC is leading the medical response to the pandemic in Nigeria.

While it has functioned with a 20Mbps internet bandwidth for a while, the rise in cases of seasonal and novel viral infections has caused a spike in the traffic going to its websites and communication channels.

It had to scale up its communications with its team across Nigeria, and with the country’s wider population, as public concerns over Lassa fever have grown.

This has been followed by an even greater demand for information from the public, occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The doubling of its bandwidth capacity by Layer3 will ensure that the quality of internet-based communication between it and the public remains in place, and is not depreciated by the increasing volumes of traffic coming into its headquarter.

Crucially, it will allow more Nigerians to reach the agency via its digital channels and obtain potentially life-saving information.

Responding to the move by Layer3, the Director-General of the NCDC, Dr. Chikwe Ihekewazu, said he acknowledged the support and expressed his appreciation for it.

The NCDC provides daily updates on its efforts to combat the coronavirus in Nigeria. These updates are available on its website,, as well as its social media pages.