Layer3 Revamps Ikoyi Club's Children Play Area

As part of efforts to fulfill its Corporate Social Responsibility, Layer3, a leading IT services provider in Nigeria, has revamped the children's play section of the famous Ikoyi Club.

The revamp of the playground involved structural renovations of the section concerned, as well as the installation of digital signage on the refurbished walls.

The project ensures that the high health and safety standards approved by the club's building consultants are maintained.

Speaking on the project, Shatse Kakwagh, Executive Director at Layer 3, described it as mutually-inspiring.

"Ikoyi Club has a great history of promoting harmony in diversity," he explained. "It has remained a strong brand for over 80 years- that takes discipline and tenacity."

“We are proud to be associated with them and hope to emulate their longevity,” he added. 

On his part, Tunde Orungbeja, CEO of Ikoyi Club, said he was pleased with the project and the partnership with Layer3 that had brought it to fruition.

“We are happy to have Layer3 partner with us in revamping our children’s playground,” he said. “It is a project that will give our kids a more conducive environment for their recreational activities.

“We hope that this is one of several things that our partnership with Layer3 will achieve in the coming months and years.”         

The Ikoyi Club is one of the oldest continually used sites in Lagos. Established in 1938, the facility has served as a meeting point and recreational space for members of Lagos’s business class and their families, specifically those residing in and around the district of Ikoyi.

As one of the city’s major historic bodies, Ikoyi Club requires its structures to be maintained and renovated on a regular basis, in order to remain in place.  

Layer3 counts this as part of its contribution to improving the social life of residents in Lagos, especially the city’s children, who need quality recreational spaces.