Layer3 Is Set to Raise the Bar On Service Delivery in 2020

The year 2020 holds a lot of promise for IT services provision. It's the start of a new decade, one in which innovative technologies will drive growth at all levels.

For 14 years, Layer3 has helped Nigeria's businesses and public sector agencies in this direction. Through services like managed security, cloud storage and connectivity, it has offered the country's biggest organizations the platform to benefit from contemporary technology.

This journey with its customers will continue in the coming months, as Layer3 strives to improve on its service delivery. In the New Year, it will have an impressive record to surpass- a 2019 marked by multiple awards, client successes, and ground-breaking partnerships.

Work on this front is already underway. Last year, the company strengthened its staff by on-boarding new expertise. A notable addition to the team was Shatse Kakwagh, who has joined the organization as its Executive Director. Mr. Kakwagh brings with him a wealth of experience from his previous roles at leading technology firms on the African continent.    

There's also been progress made with cloud and virtual services. In July, Layer3 announced that it had entered the VMware Cloud Provider Program, with the launch of the Layer3Cloud, which runs on VMware cloud provider platform. This partnership allows Layer3 to deliver cloud computing services that meet global standards, at lower costs and with great efficiency.                    

In this same timeframe, the company was recognized by the London Stock Exchange Group as one of the Companies to Inspire Africa. The group's report lists Layer3 among a number of dynamic growth businesses carving a path forward for industry on the African continent.

Also in 2019, the company was named the Best Cloud Solutions Provider for the second year in a row at the Beacon of ICT Distinguished Lecture and Award Series. The lecture organizers said Layer3 had been presented with the award for consistently introducing innovative products to the Nigerian IT services market.

These recognition serve as a guarantee to the company's customers that it is working to meet their service delivery expectations.

With the increasing demand from Nigerian organizations for various enterprise technologies, there's a growing call for more IT companies in the country to fill the local content gap that exists in the sector, specifically with data hosting. Layer3 will be scaling up its operations to meet the ever expanding needs in these areas.

As a customer-centric technology firm, we are firmly set on delivering on the promises we make to our clients in 2020, on all points at which we connect with them. They can rest assured that the company's services will remain a solid foundation on which to build the organizations of contemporary times, and of the future.