The Layer3 Universities Alliance Network (LUAN) is a program that promotes collaboration between Layer3 and select universities in Nigeria to drive the adaptation of new IT technologies, develop capacity among the university IT teams and students studying IT-related courses and encourage innovation. The alliance will attract and develop talented students preparing them to face opportunities and challenges of the real world post-graduation and will empower teachers and staff in technology appreciation thereby supporting the growth of ICT within the university and the country as a whole.

Layer3, through this program, will provide support, learning platforms, consulting and advisory services to your institution. LUAN is active in universities where Layer3 has deployed ICT services and the alliance will further bolster a mutually beneficial relationship between Layer3 and your university.


Participating universities stand to gain the following:

  • Participation in several Layer3/OEM-sponsored ICT workshops and trainings which will help universities strive for excellence and promote more job-creating partnerships.
  • Training on best practices on converting the ICT Directorates from cost centers to profit centers.
  • Provide platform for teachers and students to collaborate on diverse projects and thus earn more hands-on experience.
  • Vital input from such interaction will keep teaching and learning on the cutting edge of technology.
  • Will help to modernize teaching and learning by fostering an exchange of ideas and developing people with skills and competencies needed as new innovations transform the face of technology.
  • Access to IT Infrastructure Financing which is being set up by Layer3, in partnership with some finance corporations.

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