Offloading Your It Risk Via Managed Service Providers

Technology is a two-sided sword: One side has the capabilities to break through limitations and take your business to new heights, while the other has the capacities to make your business more vulnerable to threats and challenges.

The rapid growth in technology today comes with the challenges of wielding those new technologies with the existing ones. The big question here is, how do you manage the emerging technologies to benefit your business? In addition, do you have the required resource you can leverage on to keep your competitive advantage?

Businesses of any size whose operations are dependent on managed services often offload their IT risk to managed service providers. In this vein, a business pays the managed service provider to deliver support and services within a contractual service level agreement (SLA) and an excellent managed service provider will consciously ensure strict adherence to the agreed SLA.

Today, technology is a functional layer of operation, irrespective of the business, be it; Resource management, record keeping, billing, etc. The concept of offloading the management of your business’ IT requirements to Managed service providers present huge opportunities as technologies continue to evolve with increasing rapidity. Below are some of the benefits to an organization who leverages on the service of a managed service provider for its business IT requirements.

Improved Staff Efficiency: Entrusting the management of your business’ IT requirements to a service provider eases your staff off the burden of IT infrastructure management and responsibilities, allowing them to channel more energies towards other business requirements that are more critical to the business operation.

Improved Security: Leveraging on the services of a managed service provider to oversee your business’ IT requirements implements some level of increased security to your network, as most of the renowned IT managed service providers already have in place high end network security infrastructures which customers can leverage on, for a more secure network.

Support: Businesses who leverage on the service of IT managed service providers enjoy the provision of remote and on-site support 24/7, with dedicated technical experts whose responsibilities are geared towards prompt acknowledgment and resolutions of IT problems.

Cost Efficiency: One of the key benefits of entrusting your organization’s requirement to an MSP is the cost efficiency as it saves the organization the cost of purchasing and setting up IT infrastructures and employing the services of technical assistance personnel.

Maintenance: Key responsibilities of a managed service providers is; effective and proactive software updates, business patching, as well as proactive anti-virus updates. This service enables the user in your business to experience little or no problem once your IT is offloaded to a managed service provider.

Network Proactive Monitoring: Another essential attribute of MSP is the proactive monitoring of the health of your services. Here, the service provider is able to read warning alerts and works towards resolving impending outages before they cause downtimes on your IT infrastructures, ensuring you have greater service availability.

Remediation: Upon prompt response to help desk ticket being raised, an excellent MSP provides long lasting resolution to any acute problem logged by your IT personnel.

Managed service has the capabilities of giving your businesses the flexibility to grow and while growing, the peace of mind needed to focus on your core business operational requirements.


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